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When to Call for Pest Control

By on May 1, 2017 in Home Maintenance
When to Call for Pest Control

What a lot of people will do when they see pests in their house is try to take care of them on their own. If there are just one or two cockroaches, mice, etc., then it shouldn’t be a big deal to get rid of them on their own, but odds are that there are lots more that the average person does not see.

Usually, the presence of cockroaches means that there is a nest somewhere. While the homeowner may only see a couple pests, the rest could be hiding in the walls, in the basement or under the floorboards. Lots of pests are nocturnal creatures, and easily scared of light, so most people won’t even see the majority of the pests in their home.

Only professional pest control services can get in there and get rid of the nests, remove the pest population and ensure that they won’t be coming back. That doesn’t mean it is necessary to call for pest control as soon as a single pest is spotted, but if there is evidence of a greater population, then it’s a good idea. That evidence could be seeing baby pests- little mice and cockroaches- running through the house. Or it could be seeing holes chewed in food packaging or droppings being left around the house.

These are all signs that there is more than just one or two pests living in the home, and it is important to do something about that as soon as possible. Pest control in Greenville, SC starts by calling pest control specialists. Homeowners and business owners contact services like pest control greenville sc and get a fast and effective response. They know they can count on pest control experts to handle the job and return their home to a pest-free state.

Not every sighting of a pest is reason to call in the specialists, but every homeowner and business owner should be vigilant and look for signs that there is a larger population hiding in their building. If they know the signs to look for, they can make an informed decision about whether to call in pest control.

How Multistory Homes Lose Heat

By on April 9, 2017 in Home Improvement
How Multistory Homes Lose Heat

There is an effect known as stacking that multistory homes must deal with. When the layers between the different levels of the home are not insulated, then the denser cold air pushes the warm air out through the upper levels. The home loses heat out of the attic, which explains why the attic is so warm and the basement is so cold. Those trying to heat or cool their homes could be losing a lot of energy because their home is not properly insulated.

Insulation is the key to making a heating and cooling system effective. The worst offending level of the home is the layer between the attic and the top floor. This is where the most heat is lost, and it is the one that needs to be insulate the most. One way to fix the problem is to simply keep the attic closed as often as possible and ensure that there is a layer of insulation between the two levels.

For attics that are in use, that may be a lot more difficult. It can help to put a door on the attic and insulate around that door and other openings. A heating and cooling specialist can provide more in-depth advice based on an assessment of the home.

For those who have an AC unit, calling for an air conditioning Myrtle Beach service may be a waste of energy until the levels of the home are properly insulated. Until they are, then a running AC unit must work extra hard and will not be as effective as it should be. Proper insulation allows the unit to only need to cool a single level instead of the whole house.

The basement could become extremely cold if it is not properly insulated and an AC unit is running upstairs. That’s why the basement needs to be taken into consideration before calling for a service like air conditioning myrtle beach. Installing an AC unit above the basement could supercool the basement and make it inhospitable. This is less of a problem if no one uses the basement, but it will still be taking air from the AC unit and wasting energy that doesn’t have to be wasted.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitting Fire Resistant Insulation?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitting Fire Resistant Insulation?

When it comes to fitting insulation to your home, the main reason is obviously to retain heat within your home. But as technology has improved you can now incorporate fire resistance by choosing certain products for the insulation process. This may seem like an obvious and important choice to make, but it isn’t quite as simple as that.

The Benefits of Fire Resistant Insulation

The benefits of installing fire-resistant insulation are pretty obvious. The material which is normally fitted in the walls and ceilings is resistant to fire and should a fire break out, then it will at least slow down the spread of the fire. However please note that it is fire resistant not fireproof, so it will not stop the fire in its tracks, and it was never intended to. It should give you some extra time and a feeling or reassurance, though. Fire resistant insulation is made of a similar material to the clothes that a firefighter would wear.

The Negatives of Installing Fire Resistant Insulation

Unsurprisingly there is a premium to pay for choosing fire-resistant insulation over the standard variety, This a factor worth considering when you make your choice. Some people argue that by the time the fire gets to the fire resistant insulation, there is already catastrophic damage to the property and so the extra expense may not be worthwhile. On the opposite side of the equation it could potentially slow the fire down long enough for a life to be saved, only the buyer can make the decision.

There are also certain building regulations which vary from state to state, so it is important to confirm that a specific product can be installed in your state and that you are not breaking any regulations.

Finally prior to fitting ensure that the area where the fire resistant insulation is to be fitted, is not prone to damp or moisture. Mold or other symptoms of damp or humidity may damage the materials being used, so it is important to check this first.

In conclusion, I personally feel that the benefits of fire resistant insulation far outweigh the negatives. The feeling of reassurance you get from knowing that you have increased the fire resistance of your home is priceless and in my opinion at least far outweighs the slight increase in cost over the standard options.

The article found here provides a more in-depth discussion of the benefits of fire resistant materials. This excellent video provides some visual perspectives of the material and might help you in making your decisions.

Whatever you decide, I would encourage you to take your time and do some serious research into the subject before making your choice. Don’t be swayed or pressurized by the salesman, decide what suits your circumstances best and then stick to your decision. We hope this article has given you some information and things to consider, there is no right or wrong answer, all you can do is make the most appropriate decision for your personal circumstances.

Giving the Family Room That Much-Needed Facelift

By on February 22, 2016 in Family Room Renovation, Slider
Giving the Family Room That Much-Needed Facelift

a cozy family room remodelThe Family room is the most versatile room of the household. It is where the family entertains guests, gobbles down quick meals, and puts up guests who need a place to crash. That’s why living rooms need to be several things at once: cozy enough for a wine mixer, comfortable enough for those meals eaten there, and comfortable enough for those stay-over guests.

The good thing is that family room remodeling can always be DIY. Depending on the scope, family room remodeling could take several months or several hours, or it could get complicated enough to require the service of a professional designer or contractor. Another good thing is that it doesn’t have a staple design which every household should follow, unlike most specific task oriented room like the restroom and kitchen.

That makes, while it isn’t conventional, living room dual function, like a living room that has few exercise equipments. The presence of a usual television, the inherent airiness of the living room would benefit a treadmill which while occupying a living room space without it being too hijacking to the usual living room feel.

Perhaps the biggest factor for family room remodeling (just like any remodeling plans) is the idea: how should the design go, what should it feel like, the theme and the ambiance. And compounded from the fact is our reluctance to consult to over hyped designers who can make an interesting home DIY project to a costly renovation process. So avoid the designers and check out the following entire for family room remodeling ideas and see if you can come up with your own.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #1;jsessionid=dc30741c340df43406c3?master=22651&page=1

Those that avoid as much upholstery as possible would be enthralled with this idea. Take note that this family room doesn’t take much space, yet with light wall colors tend to make the small dimension more airy and comfortable. While checkered designs are the focal point of this idea, you can always swap it with less subtle colors and tones.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #2;jsessionid=dc30741c340df43406c3?master=23768&page=1

Those that regard fireplaces as the best common room feature should build around this idea. While it may not be as appealing to the younger generation, typical gentry will be awe inspired by this rather classical ambiance. Take note the non-consistence of lounger make. Gone is the idea of uniform furnishing.

Family Room Remodeling Idea #3

For those that get the hassle of redecorating one large humongous room, divisions can be smartly done with chairs and sofas. So scrap the idea of remodeling large room areas with dividers and wall cabinets that make large area rooms much smaller and cluttered.

What Will Home Remodeling Cost?

By on February 22, 2016 in Kitchen Renovation
What Will Home Remodeling Cost?

You must be asking if the cost of home remodeling is too high compared to the amount you will gain if you sell after the renovation is complete. And how can you stay within your budget once you are pitched all the exciting options in kitchen countertops, cabinets and appliance?

worker applies tile above the kitchen backsplashWhat is proven to add value to your home? You might just end up determining that the potential cost of home remodeling could put you in a bad spot.  You may need recourse to a construction loan during the process, so it’s best to plan before you sign any construction agreements.

First to ask is if you are in the first place qualified for a construction loan to lift some weights off of your cost of home remodeling. Construction mortgage companies require that you own your lot. This is to ensue that the bank has a way to get back their investment or collateral if you fail to accomplish the mortgage payment; if not then you might need to pay a premium. Then you can proceed to the 1-year loan plan to provide for your cost of home remodeling. The good thing now is that you are not obliged for the full construction loan amount. You only have to pay interest for the amount you actually borrow each draw (which have service charge for each) so you won’t really be carrying the full mortgage until the end of your construction. Still, you need some ready cash to pay your contractors to keep them working knowing full well they won’t get fully paid until the work is finished. Best of all, you need to learn how to budget. Be sure to account all expenses to be drawn, from the contractor, plumbers, electricians, masons, excavator, landscaper, designer, etc. to the material costs for the drainage, windows and rood, even paints. Put into order these quotes. Also notice that the mortgage company will not agree to your loan unless you have a cost overrun buffer. And then you need to supply permits, survey, and a copy of your floor plan so their appraiser could inspect your property and determine whether you project could appraise for the amount of your loan.

So far these will be the immediate cost of home remodeling via a construction loan. Remember that you also have the option of returning the money you didn’t get to use. Just make sure to follow the rule – ‘estimate high but spend less’. This will let you sleep at night and in the end, you might just be please to gain the extras.